Multitest plus Pult HD


Manual equipment tester for performing static tests at low, medium and high pressure on full-face masks, lung-governed demand valves and SCBAs


Multitest plus Pult HD with a dummy head and a mask mounted for testing

Article number:330-186



Why use Multitest plus Pult HD?

Featuring only four controls, Multitest plus Pult HD makes it easy to efficiently and conveniently carry out all the static tests that need to be performed on full-face masks and lung-governed demand vales. Additionally, the tester can be used for static tests at medium and high pressure.

The tester comes with round-thread connectors for lung-governed demand vales and full-face masks. Adapters (sold separately) are available for all common types of positive-pressure masks and positive-pressure lung-governed demand valves. The levels of positive and negative pressure required for equipment testing as well as the necessary flow rates for opening-pressure tests and closing-pressure tests are supplied by the tester’s built-in pump.

Multitest plus Pult HD is powered by a 1.5-V battery (D cell) (included). Pressure levels are shown on the tester's low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure gauges. The low-pressure gauge has a zero-offset calibration screw. Full-face masks are strapped onto an inflatable dummy head for testing in order to guarantee a perfect fit. Two-point (HMC) masks can be tested using special accessories (sold separately) (see below).



Multitest plus Pult HD Battery compartment and jack for power adapter Lung-governed demand valve attached to equipment connector for testing
Multitest plus Pult HD Battery compartment Lung-governed demand valve attached
to equipment connector for testing

Scope of possible tests

  • full-face masks – leak tightness
  • full-face masks – exhalation-valve opening pressure
  • lung-governed demand valves – leak tightness
  • lung-governed demand valves – opening pressure
  • lung-governed demand valves – closing pressure
  • SCBAs – static medium pressure
  • SCBAs – high-pressure leak tightness
  • SCBAs – gauge accuracy
  • SCBAs – low-air-alarm activation pressure
  • chemical protective suits – leak tightness (accessories required)

Scope of delivery

  • Multitest plus Pult HD
  • dummy head (complete with a filling valve and clamp)
  • mask testing hose
  • high-pressure testing hose with a 300-bar testing adapter
  • sealing plug for demand valve hose
  • silicone spray
  • timer
  • 1.5-V battery (type D cell)
  • operator's manual


dimensions (w x h x d): 420 x 210 x 400 mm
weight: approx. 20 kg
power supply: 1.5-V battery (D cell)
low-pressure gauge: ±30 mbar1 (accuracy class 1.6)
medium-pressure gauge: 0-16 bar (accuracy class 1.0)
high-pressure gauge: 0-400 bar (accuracy class 0.6)
equipment connector: round thread (EN 148-1)
medium-pressure connector: euro coupling
high-pressure connector: DIN 477


Units for international markets; units for the Austrian market come with a ±20 mbar low-pressure gauge.

Accessories for equipment testing

Accessories for testing full-face masks

M45x3 330-050
MSA plug-in connector 330-048
MSA plug-in connector AutoMaXX 330-152
Dräger plug-in connector 330-049
Interspiro plug-in connector 330-051
Interspiro Clic 330-168
Interspiro S class 330-496
Plug-in connector ESA 330-178
Racal plug-in connector 330-564

Accessories for testing two-point (HMC) masks

Fastening strap for testing Dräger HMC masks 330-210
Fastening strap for testing Interspiro HMC masks 330-522
HMC testing implement – standard 330-233
MSA adapter for HMC testing implement 330-127
Interspiro adapter for HMC testing implement 330-128

Accessories for testing lung-governed demand valves (LGDV)

M45x3 330-012
MSA plug-in connector 330-011
MSA plug-in connector AutoMaXX 330-149
Dräger plug-in connector 330-013
Interspiro plug-in connector 330-014
Interspiro Clic 330-162
Plug-in connector ESA 330-175

Accessories for testing chemical protective suits (CPS)

Testing hose with connection cap for MSA suit valves 330-039
Filling hose with connection cap for MSA suit valves 330-041
Connection cap for Dräger CPSs on request
Connection cap for Koch CPSs on request
Adapter for testing Interspiro CPSs 330-294

Other accessories

Silicone spray for dummy head 330-470
Protective hood for dummy head 340-001
Sealing plug for testing hose 330-605
Hand pump for dummy head 330-527
Cylinder pressure gauge for 200-bar and 300-bar cylinders 330-023

Replacement parts

Dummy-head rubber part 900-018
Fastening clamp for dummy-head rubber part 1900-032
C-clamp with an eyebolt 3000-003
Push-button valve for dummy-head filling hose 330-115
Dummy-head filling hose complete with push-button valve 330-272
Exhalation-valve sealing cap for MSA Auer normal-pressure masks 264
Sealing nipple for LGDV medium-pressure hose 330-526
Mask testing hose (round thread – round thread 10 mm) 330-200
Gasket for equipment connector 100-063
Countdown timer 330-474

Pressure gauge ±30 mbar 

Pressure gauge 0-16 bar 70-047
Pressure gauge 0-400 bar 70-058


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