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LGDV cleaning adapter
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RDT 09 mask washing machine

LA-Reinigung RDT 09


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Fully automatic washing machines


The washing machines developed by Atemschutztechnik MENZL allow for the fully automatic back-to-back cleaning, disinfecting and drying of equipment. Depending on the model and configuration level, the are suitable for processing respiratory protective masks, self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs) and, in combination with accessories, lung-governed demand valves and helmets.

Equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected after every use. This is vitally important not only for hygienic reasons but also to prevent pathogens from spreading.

However, cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing equipment by hand without appropriate tools is unhygienic and, if done properly, extremely time consuming.

As the MENZL washing machines operate fully automatically, they not only help save a lot of time but also deliver a consistently high level of quality in terms of cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and drying.

What is more, they are extremely user-friendly: Simply load the machine in a hassle-free manner, shut the door, press the start button and take out your perfectly cleaned, disinfected, rinsed and dried equipment approximately 3.5 hours later.


RDT 09 RDT 12/15 RDT 30/40 RDT PA-03
Mask washing machine
RDT 09

for 9 respiratory protective masks
Mask washing machine
RDT 12/15

for 16 respiratory protective masks
 Mask washing machine
RDT 30/40

for 30/40 respiratory protective masks
SCBA washing machine

for 3 SCBAs


So far, we have sold 379 fully automatic washing machines to users in Austria and abroad.

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