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LGDV cleaning adapter
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RDT 12/15


Fully automatic








of up to 16  respiratory protective masks



(in combination with accessories also suitable for cleaning, disinfecting and drying 16 lung-governed demand valves and 2-3 SCBAs)



RDT 12/15

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Why use RDT 12/15?

Respiratory protective masks get exposed to a wide range of contaminants, such as dust, perspiration, bacteria and viruses, as well as dirt of all kinds. Hence, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning and disinfecting respiratory protective masks manually is a time-consuming, and not entirely hygienic, process. The fully automatic mask washing machine RDT 12/15 allows for the gentle, hygienic and efficient back-to-back cleaning, disinfecting and drying of up to 16 respiratory protective masks in approximately 3.5 hours. In combination with accessories, it is also possible to load the machine with up to 16 lung-governed demand valves (LGDV) and up to 3 SCBAs.

Its small footprint and silent operation make RDT 12/15 the ideal choice for respiratory equipment workshops with no dedicated wet area.

How RDT 12/15 works

RDT 12/15's drum is equipped with elastic fastening straps. As a result, virtually all makes and models of full-face masks can be put in without using any additional adapter.

During the cleaning cycle, the equipment is repeatedly pulled through the water and detergent in the machine. When the cycle is complete, the wastewater is removed via RDT 12/15's built-in pump. Subsequently, the equipment gets disinfected in the same manner with the disinfectant provided. The required amount of detergent/disinfectant can be added to the water manually using a measuring jug or by means of a fully automatic supply unit (sold separately).

During the drying cycle, heated air (max. 50 °C) flows through the rotating masks, lung-governed demand valves or SCBAs before escaping into the ambient environment via an opening in the top of RDT 12/15's housing.



Loaded drum RDT12/15 control panel Connectors on the back

Control panel


Back panel

RDT 12/15 under-unit cupboard RDT 12/15 disinfectant and detergent tray
Drum loaded with a mask, the LGDV cleaning
adapter and an SCBA 
Under-unit cupboard with adjustable feet
(sold separately)
Disinfectant and detergent tray
(sold separately)


Accessory: LGDV cleaning adapter 

 LGDV cleaning adapter  LGDVs ready for processing Flexible elastic straps keep the LGDVs securely in place
  LGDV cleaning adapter LGDV ready for processing Flexible elastic straps keep the
LGDVs securely in place


water section:    stainless steel
base: texture-painted aluminium
dimensions (w x h x d): 900 x 1100 x 580 mm
capacity: without accessories: up to 16 masks (depending on the type of mask)
with accessories: up to 16 lung-governed demand valves and 2 to 3 SCBAs
weight: approx. 100 kg
power supply: 220 Volt, 50 Hz
power consumption: max. 1.3 kW
water connection: 3/4" cold water
wastewater connection: wastewater hose, 20 mm inside diameter

Scope of delivery

  • Mask washing machine RDT 12/15
  • water supply hose, 2 m complete with 2 x seal
  • wastewater hose, 2 m complete with 2 x hose clamp
  • 2 x elastic strap for the fastening of mask harnesses to RDT 12/15's drum
  • power cord

Article numbers

Mask washing machine RDT 12/15 330-348
Under-unit cupboard with height-adjustable feet (height approx. 730 mm)
Disinfectant and detergent tray 330-468
Fully automatic disinfectant supply unit 330-442
Fully automatic detergent supply unit 330-551
LGDV cleaning adapter for RDT 12/15 (up to 16 LGDVs) 330-910
SCBA cleaning kit for RDT 12/15 (up to 3 SCBAs) 330-736
Dehumidifier on request

Maintenance and care

Stainless-steel cleaner (500 ml) 330-544
Metal restorer (400 g) 330-554
Water softener Cillit Mephisto Duo 330-746
Disinfectant EW80 des 1 l   (1% concentration level, effective against TB, 30 min) 330-417
Disinfectant EW80 des 5 l   (1% concentration level, effective against TB, 30 min)
Detergent EW80 clean, low-foam formulation, 5-litre can 330-450


Product flyer (RDT 12/15)
Product flyer (LGDV cleaning adapter)
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