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SCBA washing machine for cleaning up to 3 SCBAs or 8 helmets


(Disinfecting and drying require add-on modules.)


 RDT PA-03 

RDT PA-03 main unit

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Modular design for cleaning, disinfecting and drying

Thanks to its modular design, RDT PA-03 can easily be configured to meet your specific needs and requirements.

RDT PA-03 main unit

Featuring a fully automatic system for water supply, cleaning (including the addition of the detergent), rinsing and wastewater discharge, the RDT PA-03 main unit allows you to clean up to 3 SCBAs at a time.


The SCBAs can be put into the machine complete with a 6-litre or a 6.8-litre cylinder  or  two  4-litre cylinders  attached  to  them. If  the  SCBAs  are  equipped  with  two  6.8-litre composite cylinders, only two units can simultaneously be processed.


RDT PA-03 Lid stay      RDT PA-03 loaded with SCBAs   RDT PA-03 Connectors on the back
Lid stay     Back panel
 RDT PA-03 Spraying nozzles              RDT PA-03 Control panel
Nozzle   Main unit loaded with SCBAs   Control panel


Spraying nozzles and rotating drum for perfect cleaning

RDT PA-03 is a top-loading washing machine. The SCBAs or helmets to be cleaned are fastened to the machine's drum, which rotates throughout the operation of RDT PA-03.

In three corners of the housing, there are pipes with stainless-steel nozzles (20 in total). In combination with the rotating drum, these nozzles guarantee that the equipment in the machine gets sprayed on all sides for perfect cleaning.


Liquid-saving closed-loop system

The liquid required for spraying is drawn from the sump, which is located in the base of the machine, by means of a pressure pump and fed into the stainless-steel nozzles at a pressure of approximately 3 bar. The nozzles spray the SCBAs or helmets with the pressurized liquid in a targeted manner. The liquid draining from the equipment is collected in the sump. From there, it is fed back to the nozzles via the pump.


After each cycle, the wastewater is pumped off fully automatically and discharged into the sewage system via the wastewater hose.

Specifications of the RDT PA-03 main unit

water section: stainless steel
base and lid: texture-painted aluminium
dimensions (w x d x h):
(excl. contol panel)
800 x 800 x 1100 mm
weight: approx. 135 kg
water connection: ball valve, ≥ ¾“
minimum water pressure: 2.5 bar
water-heating unit: approx. 35 °C
power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
power consumption:
(drum drive, pump and water-heating unit)
2.9 kW

SCBA pressurization

When cleaning SCBAs without cylinders in the machine, miniature compressed-air cylinders can be used for pressurization.


Miniature compressed-air cylinder    Miniature compressed-air cylinder attached to SCBA 

Miniature compressed-air cylinder (0.33 l / 200 bar)

Module 1 – Fully automatic disinfectant supply unit

This module allows you to disinfect the equipment in the machine  fully automatically once cleaning is complete.


Disinfecting SCBAs is not technically necessary, but it can help to largely remove unpleasant odours that remain after cleaning, such as burnt smell. The lung-governed demand valves of SCBAs and, as far as permissible, the insides of helmets can be disinfected as well.

Module 2 – Warm-air blower for RDT PA-03

If necessary, RDT PA-03 can (at any time) be upgraded with a purpose-built warm-air blower featuring a thermostat-controlled heating unit.


Located externally, this blower gets connected to the RDT PA-03 main unit via a hose, and the warm air required for drying is blown into the machine at a temperature of approx. 50 °C. The actual temperature can be checked via an easy-to-read display located on the blower housing. The main unit supplies the blower with power and controls it fully automatically, with the controller and the power connector being included in the main unit.

 RDT PA-03 and warm-air blower used together   RDT PA-03 warm-air blower 

RDT PA-03 used in combination with the warm-air blower
(The blower can be mounted to the right or to the left
of RDT PA-03, as well as above the machine.)


Specifications of the warm-air blower

dimensions (w x d x h): 210 x 190 x 450 mm
flexible connecting hose: Ø 63 mm
length (shortenable): 1.5 m
power consumption:
(RDT PA-03 main unit and warm-air blower used together)
1.2 kW

Module 3 – Helmet cleaning kit

The helmet cleaning kit allows you to quickly and easily install up to 8 helmets in the machine for processing.


Helmet hooked to RDT PA-03's drum    Helmets ready for processing
Helmet net hooked to drum   Helmets ready for processing

Air dehumidification

During equipment drying with the warm-air blower for RDT PA-03 (see module 2), moist air is released from the machine into the ambient environment. This results not only in a significant increase in air humidity, especially in settings with insufficient ventilation, but, among other things, also in considerably longer drying times.


Hence, it is recommended that you use a dehumidifier to prevent an excessive increase in air humidity.

  • Dehumidifier WDH 1200 HT
    dehumidification capacity: up to 120 litres in 24 hours
  • Dehumidifier WDH 500 AH
    dehumidification capacity: up to 50 litres in 24 hours

Adjustable detergent/disinfectant supply parameters

Via the control panel, the amounts of detergent (and disinfectant) added as well as the timings for the individual functions can easily be adjusted to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Detergents and disinfectants that produce a lot of foam are not suitable for use with RDT PA-03.

Detergents and disinfectants suitable for RDT PA-03

Detergents: EW80 clean or SECUSEPT CLEANER
(The latter must NOT be applied to helmets!)
Disinfectants: EW80 des or INCIDIN RAPID
SCBAs and helmets can also be cleaned using special soap solutions. Always follow the instructions of helmet manufacturers when cleaning helmets.


Article numbers


RDT PA-03 main unit 330-891
Module 1 – fully automatic disinfectant supply unit 330-442
Module 2 – warm-air blower for RDT PA-03 330-892
Module 3 – helmet cleaning kit 330-366
Miniature compressed-air cylinder (0.3 l/200 bar, complete with valve) 160-007
Dehumidifier WDH 1200 HT 330-359
Dehumidifier WDH 500 AH 120-536


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