Accessories for respiratory protective equipment workshops


We also offer many devices and implements frequently needed in respiratory protective equipment workshops. Here are some of them — and, as always, we are more than happy to develop and build products around your individual requirements.


Cylinder trolleys Cylinder anti-roll unit Pressure gauge
Cylinder trolleys
for transporting and storing
compressed-air cylinders
Cylinder anti-roll unit
for keeping compressed-air cylinders securely in place
Cylinder pressure gauge
for checking the pressure in 200-bar and 300-bar cylinders
Silencer Medium-pressure-distribution rails SC300 toggle valve
Silencer for cylinder valves
for the low-noise depressurization of compressed-air cylinders
Medium-pressure-distribution rails
for pressurizing lung-governed demand valves during cleaning and disinfecting
SC300 toggle valve
with switchable air flow rate for steel and composite cylinders
for sealing tested full-face masks, lung-governed demand valves and SCBAs
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