Cylinder trolleys


For transporting and storing compressed-air cylinders in a safe, gentle and convenient manner



 FW 6,8/20

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Why use cylinder trolleys?

Compressed-air cylinders are sensitive pieces of equipment that have to be used, stored and, above all, transported with great care. In practice, trolleys for different numbers and types of cylinders are needed in order to meet the wide range of transport and storage requirements in the most effective manner. Hence, we make MENZL cylinder trolleys not only in standard sizes but also according to individual specifications. The height of the trolleys is such that they can conveniently be placed under workbenches, even when loaded with cylinders. MENZL cylinder trolleys are the perfect choice when it comes to the gentle storage and convenient transport of compressed-air cylinders.


 Cylinder trolley FW 4/24  Cylinder trolley FW 6.8/20
Cylinder trolley FW 4/24 Cylinder trolley FW 6,8/20



body: texture-painted steel
(on request also available in stainless steel)
colour: green (RAL 6024)
(can be delivered in other colours to match your workshop)
castors: 2 swivel castors with brakes
2 fixed castors

Available standard sizes

Type Capacity Dimensions (l x w)
FW 4/20 20 x 4-litre steel cylinder 740 mm x 580 mm
FW 4/24 24 x 4-litre steel cylinder 865 mm x 580 mm
FW 6/12 12 x 6-litre steel cylinder 695 mm x 530 mm
FW 6.8/12 12 x 6.8-litre composite cylinder 785 mm x 610 mm
FW 6.8/20 20 x 6.8-litre composite cylinder 980 mm x 790 mm
FW 9/12 12 x 9-litre composite cylinder 872 mm x 647 mm

The trolleys for 6.8-litre cylinders are also perfectly suitable for 6-litre steel cylinders.

Article numbers

Cylinder trolley FW 4/20 330-765
Cylinder trolley FW 4/24 330-766
Cylinder trolley FW 6/12 330-767
Cylinder trolley FW 6.8/12 330-768
Cylinder trolley FW 6.8/20 330-769
Cylinder trolley FW 9/12 330-776

If you need a custom-made cylinder trolley, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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