Silencer for cylinder valves


For the low-noise depressurization of compressed-air cylinders



Silencer for cylinder valves


Article number:330-538



Why use a silencer when depressurizing compressed-air cylinders?

Depressurizing compressed-air cylinders by widely opening their valves generates enormous levels of noise that pose a serious health hazard and violate occupational health and safety regulations.

To avoid this hazard, our silencer made of sintered metal can be screwed into the cylinder valve prior to depressurization so as to reduce the noise to acceptable levels.

How to use the silencer

Screw the silencer into the cylinder valve and slowly open the valve. The air now escapes from the cylinder via the silencer, creating significantly less noise.



If the cylinder contains moist air (which should not happen), there is a risk that freezing moisture will seal the pores of the silencer. This can cause the silencer (sintered filter) to burst!

  Silencer screwed into a cylinder valve


dimensions (length x diameter): 105 x 35 mm
weight: approx. 0.35 kg
high-pressure connector: 200/300 bar (DIN 477)


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